Opus 6 “Friendsgiving 2017”

This year we decided to do something special…

Every Thanksgiving, we get asked what we’re thankful for – and almost every time we have to pause and think of something specific. But at the core of it all the answer is really quite simple – we are grateful for just being able to be present around friends and family and the bonds that make living life actually worth it.

For our most ambitious UTK Friendsgiving yet, we decided to invite ALL of our friends. We rented a hall. We had a potluck (yes, someone brought Popeyes). We collected money for Puerto Rico relief. One of our main squad members pulled a prank on us and said he wasn’t going to show up last minute – then relished in our reactions when he walked in out of nowhere. We held a photoshoot, the backdrop fell – we got back up.

We had more than 70 people celebrate with us… and while comparing it to your Facebook feed, that number might not be impressive – but consider the fact that each and every one of these people touched our lives in unique and substantial ways – 70 people!

In order to capture the substance that we shared with these people – we decided to take individual portraits of everyone with their plates. To be honest it didn’t seem like a lot of people at all… until we stitched them all together – and the tears started to well up.

See the Panorama here: http://jankristofercruz.com/utk-friendsgiving-2017/